As an exhibiting artist and illustrator. I became aware of the Light working within me a number of years ago, as I worked on drawings and large canvasses for exhibition.

As the request for an artwork is put into thought, the process has already commenced, the awareness arriving in advance. The psychic process is this simple, the connection is made. The artworks, both painting and drawing, require no more information to be given than the name of the recipient.

The Paintings

The paintings have their own energy, and stand independently of each other. Their energy is created by the shapes, the colours and the movement within the composition. The works have remained untitled, allowing the viewer to create their own unique insight, and absorb the energy within the composition.

The Drawings

Throughout our many incarnations, we experience a great deal, both joyful and sorrowful. More often that not, we meet situations again and again, as karma, not only for ourselves, but for those around us. An opportunity is presented with each incarnation to resolve the issues arising from these experiences, with love, thus enabling the soul to progress and continue to elevate to the Light.

The drawings are an image of a spirit guide, and learned friend, bringing light and healing to the recipient. The guides show themselves in a particular incarnation where they experienced similar joys and sorrows to the recipient.

Advice can be offered by the guide, to give clarity and direction in this lifetime, to overcome any unresolved issues delaying their souls advancement.

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